Nowoczesne Technologie Stabilizacji


NTS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) offers its services in soil stabilisation, the process of enhancing soil parameters applying all different types of soil binding agents.

We stabilise soils with hydraulic binders, i.e. reymix, lime, cement and ashes. Our daily (24 hour) output capability is at 30 000 m2 level at 50 cm strata thickness.

The stabilisation of a road bed is applied to both in new road constructions and to the renewal of damaged roads as well as to the construction of cycling lanes that do not require tarmac surfacing.

The stabilisation methods used by our company find their application in:

  • strengthening and enhancing road beds, marshalling yards and car parks;
  • constructing all kind of supply roads, cycling lanes, marshalling yards and car parks;
  • constructing embankments;
  • constructing bedding for floors and foundations of industrial premises;
  • strengthening substrate for waste dumps and storage yards.

The soil stabilisation methods proposed by our company guarantee a shorter implementation time, the lessening of tiresome construction works in town and city centres, resistance to rut-forming and cracking as well as enhancing the load-carrying ability of surfaces.